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60 Trendy Shag Haircuts for Women for Different Hair Lengths

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Yes, ladies, you can rejoice because the shag haircuts for women are officially back! These past few seasons have seen the comeback of the famous shag haircut that used to be such a darling of the 90s.

It was only natural for this to happen since the 90s made a full comeback themselves, starting with the strappy sundresses, going through the pink lip glosses, and ending with the famous chokers.

Therefore, if you missed or if you always wanted to try that beautiful shag haircut you saw in movies on Meg Ryan, Farah Fawcett, or Jennifer Aniston and her uber-famous “Rachel”, now you can!

Here is our list of awesome shag haircuts that you will inspire you to take a leap and go for that big change!

1. The Mary Kate Olsen Shag Haircuts for Women

Her acting days are well behind her, you can now spot Mary-Kate Olsen in the front row at the biggest fashion shows in the world, alongside her sister.

You also saw her wearing this ruff and layered, bottle-blonde shag haircut, which we simply adore!

2. The Rock’n’Roll Shag Hairstyle for Women

Rock’n’Roll is the very definition of shag. You cannot possibly be a rocker chic with an elegant chignon or a ballerina bun perched on top of your head.

Therefore, why not try this mess head, complete with oversized bangs and dirty blonde?

3. The Traditional Long Shag Haircut

We love this shag haircut because it looks natural and effortless. Moreover, when combined with that white blouse with traditional and folklore motives, we wonder why haven’t we tried this style ourselves so far.

4. The Miranda Kerr Hairstyle

A shag haircut can be pulled out of anything, including a short bob. Here’s supermodel Miranda Kerr to prove just that. Her chin-length bob is choppy at the ends and very shaggy all the length of the strands.

5. Strawberry Blonde Shag Haircut for Women

Getting ready for spring has never been easier than with this lovely combination – strawberry blonde + asymmetrical bangs, + a shaggy haircut. There is also an attempt at some light beach waves that take the cake.

6. Long and Tousled

This chocolate brown long and tousled shag haircut is all you could possibly wish for the fall season. It’s also heavily layered, which makes it look like it has been ombre, although it’s not. What a cool trick!

7. The Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle

Apart from her adulated derriere, the singer and actress are also known for her long and gorgeous tresses. Here she is with a mid-length cut, brown with dirty blonde highlights and, of course, as shaggy as they come.

8. Shag Hairstyle for Women with Heavy Bangs

Apart from the shag haircut and the soft and heavy bangs, the other thing you simply have to love in this pic is the hair color.

It’s a luscious beige blonde, combined with a little honey and just a touch of gold to make it shine.

9. The Wavy Shag Haircut

If you want to jump ahead of the trend, even more, this year, then why not add some stylized waves to your already shag haircut? You know what you need to do. Bring out the old curling iron, girls!

10. The Grunge Medium Length Shag Haircut

This picture goes to show that a good, old shag haircut works no matter what style you choose in your day-to-day life.

This is an asymmetrical shaggy hairstyle in a platinum grungy blonde, complete with dramatic makeup.

11. The Casual Shag Haircut

All you need to do if you want to copy this look is to grab a handful of mousse or hair wax and use it to create some textured curls or waves the length of your hair. Blow-dry your hair, and you can be on your way!

12. Lioness Mane Curly Shag Haircut

A shag haircut can also mean turning your hair from a sleek do into a fierce street lioness mane. Having trouble hailing down taxis in the middle of a bustling city? Not anymore.

13. Supermodel Long Shag Hairstyle for Women

Do you know that look supermodels have? That one where they seem to have just rolled out of bed and still look like they’re ready to grace the cover of Vogue? What’s the secret to that? A good, old shag haircut.

14. The Megan Fox Hairstyle

Even Megan Fox fell prey to the lure of the shag haircut. Here she is sporting one at a Red Carpet event. She paired it with subtle makeup and a black dress, letting the hair do all the talking.

15. The Sarah Jessica Parker Hairstyle

Seeing as she has naturally curly hair, a shag haircut might be her only other option. Curly-haired girls, you know the continuous struggle, right? Well, now you also know the solution!

16. The Felicity Jones Hairstyle

You loved her in The Theory of Everything, and now you’re going to love her amazing chocolate brown tousled, wavy, and, of course, shaggy bob.

It simply sweetens up her features, making her look like she is a lot younger than she really is.

17. The Purple Shag Haircut for Women

If you decide to combine your unconventional color with a shag haircut, you really are the queen of trends this year. Here is an icy shade of washed-out blue with some white streaks running through it.

18. The Jane Fonda Hairstyle

Just like really good wine, actress Jane Fonda could not have aged better. Everything about her is flawless, including her hair, of course. Over the years, she has stayed true to her shaggy yet elegant haircut.

19. The Ombre Medium Length Shag Hairstyle for Women

When you combine the ombre trend and a good shag haircut, you might just get a happy surprise. The lighter tips of the hair will make the shag look even scruffier by nature, like an optical illusion.

20. The 60s Shag Haircuts for Women

When we say the 60s, we mean underground 60s, of course, with the bangs chopped off in an extremely rough fashion, with the long, stringy bob, and, of course, the smudged makeup.

21. The Kaley Cuoco Hairstyle

Actress Kaley Cuoco is the perfect onscreen embodiment of the ditzy and cute girl next door. One thing that helped her pin down that image was her shaggy, heavily gelled, bottle blonde haircut.

22. Decades Past Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a blast from the past, you have definitely found it. There was a time when everybody used to wear these shag haircuts. If you don’t remember, just ask your mom.

23. The Britney Spears Hairstyle

Before she shaved her head, Britney used to have a beautiful golden mane which she wore proudly wherever she went. The shag haircut was one of her favorites back then, either straight or with stylized 2000s curls.

24. Short and Cute Wavy Shag Haircuts for Women

We’ve had rock, we’ve had grunge, we’ve had pop; now it’s time we kept it short and sweet! This is a jaw-length sunny blonde with beach waves all around and a layered, asymmetrical cut.

25. The Mena Suvari Hairstyle

Mena Suvari was everyone’s sweetheart back in her American Pie days. Since then, she chopped off her tresses, going for a shorter and shaggier bob, but kept the same smoldering blonde color.

26. The Rachel Hairstyle

This is considered to be one of the original shag haircuts and also one of the most famous ones of all time.

Jennifer Aniston appeared in the first season of Friends as Rachel with this precise hairstyle – and she rocked our worlds! But here’s a secret – she didn’t like it one bit.

27. The A-Line Medium Length Shag Haircuts for Women

The shag haircut comes in many shapes and sizes. If you want, you can copy this gorgeous A-line lob, which is a long bob, complete with a chocolate brown ombre on naturally dark hair.

28. The Plane Ride Hairstyle

This shag haircut looks so effortless and relaxed that it makes us believe the model just got off a plane. We love the sandy blonde shade, as well as the hipster glasses that frame her face so well.

29. Medium Copper Shag Hairstyles for Women

This subtle nuance of dark copper mixed with just a little bit of ginger to make it light up from within is all we ever wanted in our lives.

The naturally wavy hair curls into a shag haircut, ready to be paraded on the streets.

30. Shag Haircuts for Women with Bangs

If you have blue, green, or hazel eyes, we suggest you go for this shag haircut with bangs idea. The mass of hair around your head, as well as the long and heavy bangs, will accentuate the color of your eyes.

31. The 90s Are Back

How much does this picture remind you of the 90s? We are prepared to bet that a lot. From the white getup to the thin, shaggy, wispy, blonde hair, this lovely lady has it all.

32. Top Knots and a Shag Haircut

The downside to an original shag haircut is that some of the hair might sometimes get in your eyes.

The solution to that problem is this absolutely gorgeous top knot. On the plus side, it’s incredibly easy to do!

33. The Shaggy Pixie Haircut

Yes, as it turns out, even pixies can be shaggy if you style them right. Don’t be afraid to add as much mousse or hair wax as needed into your hair to copy this gorgeous and sultry look.

34. The Jessica Alba Hairstyle

Here’s yet another Hollywood superstar who has chosen to go for the shag haircut. This time it’s cutie Jessica Alba who looks fresh and delicate in this ‘Hello, neighbor!’ type of hairstyle.

35. The Sultry Look

Not only is this a very shaggy long bob, but when it’s dyed in this dirty honey color and combined with sultry smokey eye makeup, you will look like a true summer bombshell.

36. The Emma Stone Hairstyle

A natural blonde, Emma Stone has taken to dying her hair red or ginger as a choice. However, we are not here to talk about her hair color but rather about her amazing shag haircut, complete with choppy bangs.

37. Molten Copper Shag Haircuts for Women

What we loved about this strawberry blonde shag haircut with soft beach waves is that it almost looks like molten copper instead of soft locks. What a gorgeous head of hair!

38. The Dakota Johnson Hairstyle

Since appearing in the 50 Shades movies, there have been few hotter than Dakota Johnson. And we love the fact that Anastasia Steele herself actually wears a shag haircut both on and off-screen.

39. The Long Shag Haircut for Curly Hair

It’s very easy to get this look. Once you’ve finished rounding up your curls, so to say, use a brush or a comb with wider teeth to both separate and fluff them.

40. The Short and Spiky Shag Hairstyles for Women

A shag haircut can also mean short and spiky, again like they used to wear back in the 90s or in the early 2000s.

If you need some celebrity inspiration, think Six Pence None the Richer lead singer Leigh Nash. Or take a queue from Dianna Agron in the picture above.

41. The Bohemian Long Shag Haircuts for Women

The contrast between the shaggy blonde haircut and the multitude of silver necklaces is outstanding. Both the hair and the long jewelry create a line that elongates both the face and the model’s figure.

42. The Khloe Kardashian Hairstyle

Yes, even the perfect Khloe Kardashian went for a good shag haircut. She roughly parted her hair on one side and used a ton of mousse to style it into the shape she wanted.

43. The Courtney Love Hairstyle

Apart from the ‘Rachel,’ here is another one of the original shag haircuts. Courtney Love was sporting it long before anyone else. In fact, sporting it is a bit of an understatement. She was rocking it.

44. The Selena Gomez Hairstyle

She is probably the most famous person on Instagram, and for a good reason.

All her pictures look like mini photoshoots, and Selena looks amazing no matter what she decides to wear or how to style her hair. Go take a look!

45. The Music Festival Long Shag Haircuts for Women

Evidently, since the summer music festival look is such a huge trend, we could not have possibly missed the opportunity to include an idea or two on this list as well.

46. The Platinum Ponytail

Even ponytails can count as a shag haircut if you do them right. Tie your ponytail as usual, and then fluff it using a comb or your brush and some hair mousse. Don’t forget to go gently on it, though!

47. The Sienna Miller Hairstyle

Actress Sienna Miller has a classically beautiful face. White skin, blue eyes, and cherry red lips, all beautifully framed by a shag haircut and a pair of killer honey blonde bangs.

48. Vertically Layered

If you want to accentuate the impression of a shag haircut in a natural way without having to work on it too much every day, all you need to do is ask your hairstylist to give you some vertical layers.

49. Shaggy Curly Hair Style

Girls who have naturally curly hair with bangs will tell you that their hair is a shag haircut by default, and they are right. Use some high-quality hair care products, ladies, and flaunt it as you mean it!

50. Long Shag Haircut for Women with Wispy Bangs

If you have a small and delicate facial bone structure, but you still want to frame it, you can go for the wispy bangs and the shag haircut that comes with them, of course!

We are also quite in love with this very pale sandy blonde with dark roots.

51. The Blorange Medium Length Shag Haircut

Don’t know what orange is? It’s the most fashionable color of the moment, hair-wise.

It’s a delicious mashup between blonde and orange that has got the entire internet in an uproar. Rose and peach be gone; it’s time for orange!

52. Velvety Blue Long Shag Haircuts for Women

For a different type of shag haircut, you can go ahead and try this awesome large asymmetrical bob.

Combine it with a velvety blue that will just make everything seem better again. Check out some other ideas for blue ombre hair right here.

53. Keeping It Natural Long Shag Haircuts for Women

One of the easiest ways to go for a shag haircut is to keep things as natural as possible hair-wise.

For example, don’t dye your hair and don’t use a lot of hair care products. Instead, use your brush to roughly comb through it and blow dry it at the same time.

54. The Chocolate Layered Shaggy Haircuts

The reason why we love this haircut so much is the fact that its asymmetrical ends have been turned and curled to point toward the outside, exactly like they did in the 80s.

55. Curly Shag Haircut for Women

The reason is that, as far as a shag haircut is concerned, these curls are the stuff of dreams.

A soft caramel brown with just a touch of darker chocolate at the roots, the curls run wild over your shoulders and all-around your head.

56. The Gigi Hadid Hairstyle

When she is not on the runway or at a photoshoot, supermodel Gigi Hadid likes to wear her hair in a gorgeous jumbo mess of beach waves or, of course, in a long shag haircut.

57. The Platinum Shag Haircuts for Women

If Queen Elsa decided she no longer wanted to rule but instead wandered the kingdom in a van with her Jack Russell and a stack of travel books, this is what her hair would have looked like. We’re feeling inspired!

58. Two Layers and Two Colors

If you feel the need to free your face a bit, then you can go for the half-up, half-down shag haircut. It works extremely well if your hair is asymmetrical so that you can create a fluffy ponytail in the back.

59. Wind Swept Short Shag Haircuts for Women

To copy this look, you can either use some gel or mousse to tousle your hair around or simply go outside and allow the natural elements to wind sweep your hair. Any way you choose to do it, your pixie cut will look amazing.

60. Going Back to the Roots

Since the best part of the ideas for a shag haircut are at least a little bit inspired from the 70s, it would be a good idea to go back to the place where it all began and use it as your forever inspiration.

It’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Ready to Change Your Look?

So there you have, the coolest shags that you can wear today to be more than on-trend but well above and conquering it!

Which of these shag haircuts would you wear? We’re curious, so tell us in a comment!


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