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9 Layered Bob Styles You’ll Love

Portrait of a beautiful woman in a field with flowers

Portrait of a beautiful woman in a field with flowers

Image by: unsplash

There probably aren’t many women out there that can say they’ve never had a bob haircut. The bob is a fairly common and easy cut, and it can be done in a variety of styles. This ability to change up the look and style makes it a popular cut.

One of the great things about the bob, and the layered bob, is that it is a style that works for everyone. No matter what face shape you are blessed with or what your hair type is, a layered bob can work for you.

What Is The Bob?

In the beginning, the bob was a jaw-length cut, the same length from the bag to the front, with some dramatic straight bangs (long or short) in the front. They cut got its start in the 1920s, a favorite of the flapper era.

Since the 20s, the bob has grown into something more and comes with many different looks. From the layered bob to the bob with no layers, to short and long bobs – there is a bob for everyone (and even some men wear their hair in this style).

1. Bangs Or No Bangs

While the bob got its start in the world as a women’s haircut with bangs, these days, there are plenty of people wearing a bob cut without any bangs at all. Plus, when it comes to bangs – you can pick the type you want.

For people with oval faces, a pixie bang can make a dramatic addition to your bob style haircut. Or, you can go with a side-swept emo-look bang, in any length you prefer. To wear bangs or not to wear bangs, the choice is yours – and both options look great with the layered bob.

2. Short

The original bob was along the jawline, which would make it a chin-length cut. These days you can get your bob in any length you’d like – including shorter than chin length.

Consider a bob that has the nape of your neck undercut, and the bob comes in line with your cheekbones. This is an extremely fun and dramatic look. It’s one of those cuts that not everyone will be able to pull off.

This style of bob doesn’t leave a lot of room for layers, but it’s still possible. The pixie bangs are the perfect addition to a shorter bob – giving it an even more dramatic flair.

3. Chin Length

If you want the more traditional bob, chin-length is the way to go. This can be a layered bob or not, but know that layers can add to a sleeker look or they can give your hair more body (this depends on your hair type and your styling choices).

With any length of bob, bangs are all up to you. You can even get a layered bangs “look” if you’d like, which can add to the impact of the bangs. The right layers can make bangs curl under without the need for a curling iron.

4. Shoulder Length

A shoulder-length layered bob is the perfect place to start if you want to go from long hair to a bob. It’s less dramatic than the chin-length style, but still gives you the easiness of the bob haircut.

Bob styles, especially the shoulder and chin-length bobs, can often be a “wash and go” go look. For the right hair type, you can avoid blow drying, curlers, and even straighteners. Though, if you want to add a little extra style, you can.  

5. Messy

Layered bobs don’t have to be perfectly quaffed at all times. In fact, the more layers you put in, the messier you can get with your bob. Messy bobs can be fun, and they take a lot of prep time out of getting ready, no matter what hair type you have.

To keep your messy look if you have extremely straight hair or your hair is fine, you may need to invest in some gel or mousse. Styling products can help you add some waves, keep the tousled look, and more.

6. Curly

While a quick Google search of “layered bob” may bring you a bunch of beautifully straight haircuts, you can have a curly or wavy bob as well. It’s a little in between the normal bob and the messy bob but with a little more of a “neat” and clean look.

This means that if you have naturally wavy or curly hair, you can still pull off a bob. If you’re bored with your straight hair, get a wavy perm and a layered bob, and you’ll have a fresh and fun look that’s easy to take care of and keep up.

7. Flipped Out

If you get your layers on the outside, instead of underneath (inverted), it can make it look that your hair flips out instead of curling under. While most people want their layered bob to lay flat or curl under, the flipped out look can be really cute and whimsical.

This is a look to consider for people that like fun hairdos. If you’re normally someone that wears a pixie cut but wanted to go with something longer, this is a cut that would suit your face and style well.

8. Half Bob

Not necessarily the technical term for this style of haircut, but a bob cut with a stacked back (for a “soccer mom” cut) is a great look, and it adds a little something different to the typical layered bob. You can also use this style to give you more of an angled cut going from the stack back up to your chin.

This is a look that really frames the face and can have a slenderizing effect on puffy cheeks and even chubbier chin lines.

9. Colored

To add a little something more to your layered bob, enhancing the layers or enhancing the look in general, add some color. Highlights can extend the work your layers do to give your hair more depth.

Colored bangs can put the focus on the bangs and your eyes, instead of other parts of your face. The right colors with your layered bob, even if they’re some of the brightest colors of the rainbow, can give your hair the look of more body, even when it doesn’t have that much bounce.

Why The Bob Is Such An Easy To Care For Cut

The layered bob is cut in a way that makes your hair sit a certain way. Depending on how the layers are put in, it can sit flat, curl under, or curl out. Because it’s cut to sit a certain way, it allows you less time styling and the ability to use fewer products in your hair (which can build up on your hair follicles and weigh your hair down).

For most people, you’ll be able to hop out of the shower, air dry your hair, do a quick comb through and run out the door. If your hair is naturally curly or frizzy, you may need to use a blow dryer or a straightener.

The ease of this style doesn’t mean you can’t use products and styling tools. Some well-placed curls with your curling iron can make your layered bob go from office chic to party on the dance floor. When you do add some curls, or if your hair is naturally frizzy, some styling products can help things under control and in place.

Maintaining Your Layered Bob

Maintenance on this cut depends on the length you go with. The shorter you get it cut, the more often you’ll need to upkeep. When you go for a shorts bob, chin-length or shorter, you’ll need your neck trimmed up every couple of weeks.

Grey hair blower near pink hair combs and scrunchies

Image by: pexels

The cut itself will only need an upkeep trim every couple of months. For a longer bob, three months between trims is ideal. Talk to your hairdresser – they’ll be able to give you a more specific time frame since everyone’s hair grows differently.

Final Thoughts On The Layered Bob

This is such a versatile haircut, with so many styling options – it’s really hard to go wrong with this haircut. It doesn’t matter what length of bob you get or how you choose to style your hair. It will be a fun cut that you’ll want to get over and over again. Plus, the stylishness of the bob makes it never go out of style.


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