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6 Hairstyles For Thick Hair

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woman with curly hair

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6 Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Everyone’s hair is different.

You may have thin hair, and wish it was thick. You may have thick hair, and wish it was thin. If you have thick hair, don’t despair – there’s more you can do with it than you think.

It’s easy to feel limited when you’ve got one type of hair. While we would all love to change that up from time to time, it’s better to find hairstyles to suit instead.

Thick hair has certain characteristics that need to be met with a particular style. It’s also worth considering what type of face shape you have. This way, you can match your face and hair to the perfect hairstyle.

Let’s take a look at these hairstyles for thick hair that will make the most of your original thickness.

Hairstyles For Thick Hair: Muted Edge Bob

Our first short hairstyle for thick hair has a soft look that’s also edgy and fashionable at the same time.

The muted edge bob lives for versatility. This means that you can be 10 or 100, it doesn’t matter – this look is going to look good if you’ve got short, thick hair. The muted tones and edge of this hairstyle can really accentuate your features.

If you’ve got a round face shape, this is a great hairstyle for your thick hair. If you’ve got thick hair that’s fine – which means there’s lots of it – we recommend lightly layering the hair for added texture. You can also add invisible layers underneath that can be tapered around the face to make your cheekbones stand out.

To style a look like this, we recommend using a volume booster that you can apply to your hair when it’s still wet. Blow dry gently for soft, beachy waves and finish with a stronghold spray that can give it added texture and bounce.

This layered, tapered look will make you feel sophisticated with a twist of rebellious. The more product you apply, the more texture you’ll create, so if you prefer soft curls, hold back on the product.

Messy Bob Hairstyle For Thick Hair

This next hairstyles for thick hair will create an effortless look that you can set and forget about. It’s great if you’re a busy mom who doesn’t have a lot of time to put into making her hair look good.

Because this hairstyle is all about the texture of the waves, it’s vital that you talk to your stylist about how you want it to look. If you’re someone who has naturally thick hair with a strong wave, this hairstyle is for you.

To achieve this look, get your stylist to cut into your hair, removing some of the unnecessary weight that can hold you down. The more you cut into the wave, the choppier the look gets.

If your hair is a bit finer, then a simple layering is required with a bit of product. To keep this hairstyle modern, make sure to leave the ends wispy.

The messy bob hairstyle is an effortlessly chic look. If you have a round shaped face, make sure that the longest point at the front is below your chin. You’ll want to begin the shorter layers around where your cheekbones start.

Pixie Cut Hairstyle For Short, Thick Hair

Our next short hairstyle for thick hair is suited to someone who likes to stand out from the crowd and express their loud personality through their look. It requires quite a commitment and confidence – if you’re brave enough to get it done, you’ll pull it off.

The pixie cut is great for short, thick hair because it has it all – internal texture and short, sharp edges that can be styled just how you like them. The pixie cut begins short at the back and slowly increases in length as it goes forward.

The sides are shorn back with a grade 1 clipper. This is done at the hairline. However, to make sure that a bit of femininity is left, the rest of the sides are done with scissors to create a choppy layer.

If you make sure to keep a bit of the length on top that lends a bit of softness to the look, the pixie cut can suit all different face shapes. You need to be someone who enjoys taking the time to style their hair. Pixie cuts always look better when they’re styled.

With the multitude of textures, the pixie cut can be styled in many different ways.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair: Playful Wavy LOB

One thing we love about the wavy LOB is how effective it looks when you dye it different colors. The wavy LOB is a great short hairstyle for thick hair because of how the texture makes your hair fall effortlessly around your face.

We recommend trying to go red with this type of hairstyle. To create a wavy LOB, cut both light and invisible layers underneath throughout your hair. The key to creating a LOB is that the front is longer than the back, with a graduation in the middle.

Because it’s longer than a bob, you don’t have to texture this hairstyle as much. If you are considering getting a LOB and dying it red, it’s worth looking at what color skin and eyes you have.

The difference between cooler tones and warmer tones is something that’s easy to forget when it comes to hairstyles. A red LOB needs to accentuate your face and features, not take away from them.

Remember that the better the hair dye product is, the more you’ll like the result.

Stacked Bob With Side Bangs For Short, Thick Hair

Think of this next short hairstyle for thick hair as a LOB without the layers. Thick hair doesn’t always need a good layering to look good – especially when using a LOB and bangs.

If you’re someone with a particularly thick head of hair, you might want to consider this hairstyle seriously. The stacked bob is a great way to cut through that thickness and create a stylish, sleek look that’s easy to maintain.

You can achieve a surprising amount of volume and texture with the stacked bob. The perfect face shape for this kind of hairstyle is oval. However, because the bangs make this hairstyle soft at the front, it can be suited to most face shapes.

One thing we love about the stacked bob is that it’s great for any type of lifestyle, because of its shape. If you’re a busy mom, the length at the back allows you to tie it up easily. If you’re a working professional, you can keep it blow-dried and sleek the whole time.

Use a medium round brush when blow drying the stacked bob for a slow curve all the way down. You can also introduce a soft wave with your curling iron for a different take on this hairstyle.

Deep Side Part With Ringlets

Our last short hairstyle for thick hair is great if you’ve got ringleted curls that are tight and thick.

Short, thick hair can look great with cute, curled ringlets. To spice things up and give this look some shape, you can shift your parting to the side, so that you’ve got the majority of your hair on one side and a small amount on the other.

We recommend using a diffuser if you have naturally curly hair to help define your curls even more. Even if your short, thick hair is naturally straight or just wavy, you can use a curling iron to create tight ringlets.

When curling most of your hair into tight ringlets like this, we also recommend using a heat protectant to make sure that your hair isn’t being damaged.

The best face shape for this short hairstyle is square. We love pairing this cute head of curls with a decorative headband that can sit lightly over your deep side part.

The deep side part ringleted hairstyle will give your hair life, texture, and volume, creating a cute look.

Looking At 6 Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

When it comes to styling short, thick hair, the sky’s the limit.

You may get frustrated sometimes and feel like there are only a few things you can do with your hair. As you can see, this isn’t the case.

There is virtually no limit to how many different ways you can style your short, thick hair. From adding layers and cutting out weight to increasing volume and texture, there’s a short hairstyle out there to suit your thick hair.

Whether you are brave enough to get most of it chopped off or prefer to grow it into the length of a LOB, you can find the right hairstyle that will suit your face shape and features.


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