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12 Gray Hair Styles to Try On

Gray Hair Styles

It can be tempting to want to cover up your gray hair. Coming to terms with your hair growing gray hair styles can be hard. Sometimes it feels like there’s pressure from the younger generation to stay young-looking and beautiful.

However, you don’t need to dye your gray hair to achieve this. Break through the stigma and embrace your gray hairs – and make them look good while you’re doing it.

We live in an age where gray hair is slowly coming into vogue. It’s not nearly associated with age as it used to be. In fact, younger women are opting for the gray look – and wearing it in styles that make it look fantastic.

Best Gray Hair Styles

Let’s take a look at 12 gray hairstyles that can transform your gray hair into an effortlessly cool hairstyle which will make you wish you went gray sooner.

1. Gray and Layered 

You may also think that because you’ve got gray hair, it’s got to be short. The shorter your hair is, the less gray hair you have, right? While this is true, you shouldn’t hide your assets.

If you do have long gray hair, try incorporating some longer layers underneath. This can help to break up the continuity a little bit and give it shape.

We also recommend curling the ends of your hair when you’ve got layers. This can allow for a bit of bounce and give your face a natural lift.

2. White and Gray Ombre 

The graduated, Ombre look has been wildly popular lately among the younger generation. From blonde to burgundy, there’s no limit to what you can create with this gradual fade from dark to light.

Who says that the Ombre look is limited to youth and color? Why not try it with gray? This gray hairstyle begins with a shade of white at the top, before slowly moving down to a deep gray hue at the ends. This look is elegant and sophisticated that will give a bit of life to your gray hair.

3. Classic Bob Gray Hair Style

This next gray hairstyle is ideal if your hair has been straight and thin your whole life. As you get older, your hair tends to get thinner, so if you’ve got naturally thin hair, there’s a chance that it could get thinner.

Fear not. A classic bob is a great option if your hair is gray and thin – it can lift your hair and give it a natural boost in volume. It will also highlight the natural silvers and whites in your hair, making it appear like you’ve got highlights. It’s a chic, classy look.

4. Blonde Gray Hair Style

You may have just begun your journey into the world of gray and aren’t ready to surrender your whole head to the cause. Luckily, there’s no reason why you can’t add a bit of blonde into your gray to make the process less painless.

We recommend going for a light blonde with your natural gray hair as the undertone. If you feel like the blonde is too blonde, you can always let it fade and embrace more of the gray underneath.

Once you’re used to seeing the gray, next time you schedule to get the blonde done again you can just cancel your appointment and see what it’s like completely gray.

5. Reverse Ombre Gray Hair Style

If you’re a woman who’s already embraced their gray tone and has long hair, then kudos. This takes courage and confidence, and we’re sure that you’re pulling it off.

To go even bolder with your newfound love of gray hair, try the reverse Ombre look. This is when you start with gray at the top and graduate down into a darker tone, like black. It’s a beautiful salt and pepper look that, on the right person, can make your features stand out.

6. Silver Hue Gray Hair Style

Our next hairstyle is another excellent option if you’re just not ready to take the plunge yet and go full gray. Maybe you’ve always had lighter tones throughout your hair and can’t imagine it without them.

We recommend a nice, comfortable middle ground between the two. Silver is an excellent alternative to full gray and a nice way to make the shift from your usual light tones. It can add an element of sophistication and style without giving your age away.

Like our blonde-gray hairstyle, you can also use the silver to transition into gray over time slowly.

7. Short Sassy Gray Hair Style

We’ve covered some great long gray looks – it’s hard to pull off, so if you can, you’re doing great. However, just because you’ve embraced the gray look doesn’t mean you have to keep your hair long.

Take the opportunity to chop off all your locks and try out a new style of hair altogether. What’s more, long hair can be hard work to maintain, especially when it’s gray.

Talk to your stylist about the right short style to suit your face shape – the right combination will give you a facelift.

8. Gray Pixie Hair Style

One short gray hairstyle you can experiment with is the pixie cut. Many young women and models have set the trend for this look – but this doesn’t mean you can’t too.

In fact, gray can make the pixie cut stand out and look spunky. A gray pixie cut offers you just the right amount of playfulness while maintaining a level of sophistication. What’s more, it’s going to be really easy to look after.

Once you’ve washed and styled it, you can forget about it – that’s the beauty of a pixie cut.

9. Side Part Two-Toned Pixie Gray Hair Style

If you’ve already embraced the pixie cut before and you’re looking to jazz it up a bit, why not opt for the two-toned side parted look? With a pixie cut, you can have your part anywhere you like. Sometimes, it’s nice to put your part to the side and have the majority of your volume swept one way.

To make this look even funkier, you can keep your hair darker throughout the back, but embrace the gray at the front with a silver stripe. This is a fun, quirky gray hairstyle.

10. Straight Bangs Gray

You may have loved bangs when you were younger, and now that you’re older and have gray hair, don’t think you can pull them off. However, because there’s no limit to what you can do with gray hair, bangs are certainly not out of the question.

Try a long bob with straight bangs at the front. This sleek, straight look will help you to avoid loose strands and create a modern look that screams class.

We love this look because it also accentuates the different gray tones you have throughout your hair.

11. Short with Layers

We’ve covered long, layered, and short with tones. However, we haven’t talked about cutting your hair midway between a bob and a pixie cut and layering it. This is a great gray hairstyle for someone who doesn’t want to cut it all off but wants it short enough to look youthful.

The more layers you incorporate, the more texture this hairstyle will have. What’s more, you can complement the layered look with an ashy tone throughout that will help you to remember it’s not so bad being gray after all.

12. Medium Gray Balayage

It’s okay if you haven’t heard of this gray hairstyle before. To put it simply, this style combines the use of two tones with thick, textured layers. This is a great gray hairstyle if you’re someone lucky enough to have thick hair still.

We recommend getting this hairstyle at shoulder length. Try getting more layers in the back than the front – it will remove some of the weight you’ll have at the back. Once you’ve sorted out the layers, ask your stylist if you can add a couple of tones.

This hairstyle looks great with a darker tone set at the back and a lighter one coming through the front layers.

Looking at 12 Gray Hair Styles

Going gray doesn’t mean you have to kiss good hairstyles goodbye.

In fact, it’s a good chance to let yourself go completely and embrace the change. There’s an unlimited scope of gray hairstyles available for you to try.

Gray Hair Styles

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From short and sassy to long and layered, gray hair has a way of being just as versatile as the hair of the younger generation. You can even throw some lighter color tones in there if you want to explore what it’s like to have gray hair first.

With these 12 gray hairstyles, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect gray hairstyle to suit you.


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