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7 Best Haircuts For Thin Hair: Rating And Guides

best haircuts for thin hair

If you are someone who has thin hair, you probably have a more difficult time finding a flattering haircut for yourself.


Whether your hair is short, long, or somewhere in between, we will have an option for you. Let’s start with how we are going to rate the best haircuts for thin hair.  

How We Choose Our Ratings

It is vitally important to us that we are ensuring our reviews are honest and accurate. To do this, we take a few additional steps in our research to make sure it is thorough and correct.


We make sure to read and research through online customer feedback and testimonials. This allows us to get a broader view of what the general public thinks of the hairstyle in question. It also gives us insight on any widespread issues or complaints that might not show up anywhere else. We are also able to gather quite a few pros and cons from other customer feedback as well.


We also have to take into consideration hair length. Certain haircuts will look better on those with short hair, and other will look better with long hair. Some styles may be more flexible for different lengths of hair, and we will take that into consideration with our ratings.


This goes for upkeep as well. Some haircuts will need to be kept up on every few weeks, and others are a little more lax. Some people want something a little more casual, while other readers may not mind getting the haircut refreshed every few weeks.


Each haircut will be given a star rating out of five stars. These are all of our favorites, so they will of course all have relatively high ratings – however we will still go over the pros and cons to pick our favorites.

General Tips for Short Hair

It may seem like every article and photograph features someone with thick locks of hair, but we’re here to share tips and tricks to make your thin hair look amazing. We do also have some general tips to get your thin hair looking its best.


Read on to learn more:

1. Layers, Layers, Layers

Most of our hairstyles will involve some layers. Not only will they add some attractive volume to your hair, it will also open your hair up to a lot more possibilities for styles and looks.


We do advise that you layer your hair according to the length you have – for example, if you have shorter hair, you will need shorter layers, etc.

2. Volumizing Shampoo

Products are also a great way to add some volume to your thin hair. There are excellent volumizing shampoos out there that will add some body and open your hair up to more possibilities as well.


Massage the shampoo directly onto your wet hair, and make sure to leave it on your scalp for at least two minutes (use the directions on the bottle for a time reference). Ordinary shampoo and conditioner typically leave a residue on your hair after you rinse it, whereas volumizing shampoos actually work by reducing the residue that is weighing down your hair.


Consider also using a conditioner that compliments the volumizing shampoo as well.

Our 7 Best Haircuts for Thin Hair

Here are our seven favorite options for the best haircuts for thin hair. There are a variety of styles and looks below so you can pick what would work best for your personal style and face shape.

1. Short Bob

Our first option, and a very popular one for those with short, fine hair, is the short bob.


Throughout history, bobs have been a well-loved, easy women’s haircut. A short bob does not touch your shoulders, it actually ends right over your ears. You can layer it choppily or just add in a few casual layers (or even none at all if you prefer).


It’s cute, easy to style, and fairly easy to maintain. Since it is a short haircut that potentially has layers, you will want to get it trimmed every month or so to keep it looking fresh and cute. The only drawback is that it isn’t a great option for those who want to keep their length. For that reason, we give this haircut a 4 out of 5 stars – it’s adorable, easy, and adds some great volume, it just isn’t for everyone.

2. Undercut

Want something a little edgier? Consider an undercut – this is a perfect haircut for any length, and it is cute and different.


If you’re not sure what an undercut it, it consists of shaving either one or both sides of your head, or even the back. People do it with short hair, medium hair, long hair, etc. Even if you don’t want to add in layers or drastically change the length of all of your hair, an undercut still gives your hair some style and flair.


While this haircut is fairly simple, it will require some upkeep. If you want to keep the shaved or shortened side, it will have to be cut or shaved regularly. You can also shape designs into the undercut for even more unique options as well.


Because this is such an easy cut to make with any hairstyle or type of hair, we are giving this cut 4.5 out of 5 stars. The only reason we are taking off half of a star is for how bold this cut is – it may not be ideal for everyone.

3. Long Hair with Full Bangs

Another option we really like for those of you who hair that is both thin and long, is keeping its length and adding full bangs.


The bangs, whether they are swept across or straight across your forehead, add the illusion of thickness to your hair. Add in a few layers to the hair, and you have yourself an adorable haircut. We really like how versatile this option is – you can add in as many layers as you want, and choose whatever style of bangs fits you best.

4. Blunt Bob

Next up we have another bob. This one is better for those of you with medium to long hair length.


A blunt bob involves a sharp cut around the shoulders, either straight across or even diagonally for a different style.  You can add in layers, or simply keep it all one length for a more uniform look as well.


This is another haircut that can be done in different ways, depending on your preference. It’s also great for different hair lengths, and it adds excellent volume to your thin hair. For this reason, we are giving this hairstyle 5 out of 5 stars. It’s versatile, cute, and very easy to maintain over time.

5. Pixie Cut

Another popular option is getting a pixie cut.


If you have short hair, or want to have shorter hair, this is an easy, easy option. Pixie cuts can almost be as short as a buzz cut, or shaggy down to your ears. They add in a ton of choppy layers, which will give your thin hair quite a bit of body and volume.


If it also fairly easy to grow out, if you decide that you want more length later on as well.


We are going to give this haircut 4 out of 5 stars. It’s stylish, attractive, easy, and adds great volume, it just won’t work for people who want to keep their length.

6.Inverted Bob

We have one last bob option if you like that idea. This is a variation of a regular bob, only backwards.


The longest length is framing your face, with the back being the shortest layers. This allows the majority of your hair to be chunky, layered, and gives you great volume, with more delicate layers around your face.


We love this because it’s different and cute, while adding tons of volume and layers to your hair. However, it really is only doable if you have short or medium length hair. For that reason, we are giving this haircut 4 out of 5 stars.

7. Lob with Long, Light Layers

Last but not least, we have the lob with lots of additional layers.


This is perfect for those of you who really love the idea of a bob, but are scared to cut off all of your layers. By adding in long layers throughout the cut, you are able to make your whole hairstyle look fuller. You will want to keep your ends blunt, as your layers may look razored, or too feathered on the ends, which can end up making your hair look thinner.


We love this cut because it gives you more volume without you losing all of your length. It’s also incredibly easy to maintain, only requiring touch-ups every six weeks or so. We are giving this haircut 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Our Final Thoughts

While we love all of these best haircuts for thin hair, our favorite would have to be the blunt bob. This haircut is excellent for any length of hair, it is incredibly easy to do and maintain, and is stylish and timeless.


We hope this list helped you find the ideal haircut. Which one looks the most appealing to you?


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