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Beautiful Blonde Highlights: 8 Unique And Utterly Cool Highlight Ideas

blonde highlights

blonde highlights


Are you looking for a bold, new look but you aren’t sure which direction to go?

Have you considered blonde highlights?

They’ve been around forever, which may make you think that they’re not as interesting as some other styles you’re thinking about.

But really, nothing could be farther from the truth.

There are new techniques, styles, and color options that are the complete opposite of the “same old blonde highlights.”

Check out some of the beautiful blonde styles we’ve compiled as proof that going blonde is just as fun and beautiful as ever, while still feeling fresh and modern.

Why Blonde Highlights Are Still Such A Fun Hairstyle Change-Up Choice 

Are you still not convinced that blonde highlights are a fun choice?

Some people think you have to get a heedful of platinum blonde locks to really enjoy the color. But that’s simply not true.

There are a ton of options for blonde highlights (we’ll get into some of our top picks in a minute).

You can go for a subtle look or a dramatic one. You can choose to look natural or stand out with very obvious highlights.

Besides having a lot of options, going blonde is a good choice for a couple of other reasons.

First, blonde isn’t a one-size-fits-all color. There are a variety of shades to choose from. You can go for a honey shade, platinum, or something with some ash in it.

Second, blonde can be “natural” enough that it can suit people who are a little apprehensive about adding color to their hair but who want a bit of a change.

Third, blonde highlights can be incorporated with lowlights as well, which can give your hair some incredible depth and interest. This is also a great way to hide your grays if and when they start making their appearance.

Finally, there’s a blonde for everyone. Whatever your skin tone – there’s something for you.

Want A Cool New Style? Then You Need To Add Some Blonde Highlights To Your Look

If adding some blonde to your hair sounds appealing, take a look at our list of some of the best blonde highlights. We’re sure there’s at least one style here that will look great on you.

1. The Dip-Dye Blonde

The Dip-Dye Blonde

This is definitely a fun option. It’s something that you might need to be on the braver side to try – depending on which shade of blond you choose to try.

Basically, this type of highlight looks just how you would imagine it to: It looks like the ends of your hair have been dipped in blonde dye.

Some people go for a more subtle approach, both with the color they choose and how much of their hair they dye.

They may go for a blonde that’s in the same family as their natural color or the color of the rest of their hair and then just dip the very ends in the lighter color.

Others like a bolder approach. They’ll dip-dye the last third of their hair and they’ll choose a brighter blonde to contrast the darker shade on the upper two-thirds of their strands.

Fans of This Look: Leah Michelle and Jessie J.

2. Spiral Or Ribbon Highlights 

Spiral or Ribbon Highlights

This is the perfect look for curly hair. It accentuates each curve you’ve got and nothing could be more romantic.

Basically, streaks of color are painted onto your hair. Then, when the hair dries and your curls form, the twists and turns of some of your curls are emphasized by the lighter color.

You can use any color you want with ribbon highlights, but most often, they’re used to complement the natural color of the wearer’s hair.

If you have darker hair, you can try caramel-blonde ribbon highlights. If your hair is already on the lighter side, you can choose lighter options, like honey, wheat, or even platinum.

Fans of This Look: Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba.

3. Add Some Texture With Blonde Lowlights

Blonde Lowlights

Oftentimes, when people hear the term “lowlights” they think about adding dark colors to their hair.

This is actually just one part of the puzzle.

Lowlights are generally a little bit darker, and they’re added closer to the nape of the neck.

The goal of lowlights is to add texture to the hair and to basically mimic the sun. When you go out into the sun, the hair on the top of your head tends to get lighter, while the hair underneath stays the same.

Just because lowlights are darker doesn’t mean they can’t be blonde.

As we’ve mentioned already, there are many different shades of blonde.

You can get a mix of light highlights and dark blonde lowlights.

Another great feature of this type of coloring is that you can add subtle highlights for a gorgeous sun-kissed look or you can take a trip to funky town with chunkier highlights and lowlights.

Fans of This Look: Adele and Ashley Greene.

4. Babylights: A Return To Your Youth


One of the reasons people love blonde is because it reminds them of their youth.

A lot of people have really lovely blonde highlights throughout their hair when they’re younger. This could come naturally, or it could be because little kids spend more time playing outside.

As we get older, our hair tends to darken and look a little flat.

Adding some babylights can add some nostalgia as well as beauty into your life.

Babylights are super-fine, light streaks that frame your face.

Again, like most of the styles on this list, you can use a variety of blonde shades – everything from golden blonde to bronze.

The look is youthful, natural, and overall, quite lovely.

Fans of This Look: Miranda Kerr and Chrissy Teigen.

5. The Blonde Ombré Is Still Hot  

The Blonde Ombré

The ombré style of highlighting has been around for a while now, but it doesn’t seem to be losing any steam.

One of the most popular celebrities to sport this style is Drew Barrymore, who has been wearing it since its early days.

This is somewhat similar to the dip-dye highlights. However, most of the hair is on the lighter side. It looks kind of like grow-out in that the roots are dark and the shade gets gradually lighter.

Imagine it this way: Your hair gets blonder in the summer months when you spend a lot of time outdoors at the pool or beach. Then, as the months get cooler and you spend more time indoors, your darker natural color starts to grow out.

You have darker roots and the rest of your hair is lighter.

Fans of This Look: Drew Barrymore and Khloé Kardashian.

6. Afraid To Go Too Bold? Try The Sombré

the Sombré

The sombré is a mash-up of “subtle” and “ombré.”

Some people take the ombré look to the extreme, with very dark roots and really light ends. Khloé Kardashian is a good example of this.

That look doesn’t work for everyone, though.

They aren’t fans of the bold color difference.  They crave something more subtle.

That’s where the sombré comes in.

To get this look, you’ll choose shades of blonde that are closer to the color of your roots, or to whatever color you choose to color your roots.

Don’t let the subtlety of this look fool you – it’s romantic and sexy.

Fans of This Look: Elizabeth Olsen and Beyoncé.

7. Chunky Blonde Highlights Are Always Fun

Chunky Blonde Highlights

Chunky highlights never seem to go out of style. There’s always some form of chunky highlight in the latest list of highlighting trends. The only change is how chunky people choose to go during a certain year.

Chunky highlights can definitely make a statement. You want something bold, fun, and dramatic.

But beware – this look can go terribly wrong. Depending on the thickness of the chunks, the shade, and how spread apart they are, this look can venture into skunk territory very quickly.

When you ask your stylist for chunky highlights, make sure you show them a picture of exactly what kind of highlight you’re going for.

Fans of This Look: Ciara and Julianne Hough.

8. Slicing – The Romantic, Sophisticated Cousin Of Chunky Highlights

Chunky Highlights

This type of highlighting is like a mix of chunky highlights and subtle, natural highlights.

How can that be?

Easy – you add subtle, super-thin highlights to your hair in a choppy fashion.

It adds some depth, while looking romantic, sophisticated, and sexy.

Fans of This Look: Alessandra Ambrosio and Olivia Palermo.

Oh, What You Can Do With Blonde – Versatility Continues To Make This A Popular Option

Why do so many people choose to go blonde?

It’s not just because some people have the idea that blondes have more fun.

While blonde is a nice change of pace, one of the reasons so many people choose this color option is because it’s so versatile.

You can go for a very pretty, natural hairstyle with these color highlights, or you can go wild and chunky with them. And there are so many options in between these two “extremes,” too.

You can even change up the type of blonde or the amount of highlights you get depending on the seasons.

Really, there’s something for everyone. Whether you want something natural and subtle or you want to add some drama and pizzazz to your life – you can do it with blonde highlights.


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