50 Best Ash Blonde Highlights Hair Ideas in 2022

50 Best Ash Blonde Highlights Hair Ideas in 2022

Sometimes all you need is to add a little bit of ash blonde highlights to your hair to give yourself a whole new look. Changing up your hair is a sure-fire way to add a little pep to your step. Make sure to find yourself a good salon where the hairdresser you choose has worked with ash blonde color before. Sometimes you might have to pay a little extra, but the results should last you a few months.

Ash-blonde hair is one of the most popular hair colors in 2022. It is such a versatile look because it looks great when you add in some highlights with your natural color hair. It doesn’t matter if you have black, brown, or blonde, and this color even looks good with natural redheads. We have the 50 best ash blonde highlights for your hair in 2022, lets’s take a look.

1. Ashy Blonde with Shadow Root

Shadow roots are so classy and they are one of the best ways to make sure that your new highlights look natural, and not streaky. In the photo above they made sure to keep the roots a natural dark color and finished the look off with a messy curl.

2. Wavy Ash Blonde with Bangs

If you have naturally wavy hair, this is the perfect hairstyle for you in 2022. To enhance this look even more ask for bangs at your next hair appointment.

3. Well-blended Light Ash Blonde Balayage

Another great highlight technique is the well-blended style. When you ask for this kind of highlight you get a more all-over look with your color, than the normal foil highlight treatment.

4. Ash Blonde with Lavender Tints

Lavender is by far one of the prettiest colors to add to your hair. It will also make you stand out and show your creative side. They kept the hair long and added in some beach waves to this look and it is gorgeous.

5. Very Light Highlights

Ash-blonde comes in so many different hues, in the photo above they went with a very light tone. This look would be best for women who already have lighter hair.

6. Platinum Ash Blonde Highlights

Going platinum blonde is never a bad idea, just take a look at the photo above if you need more proof. The hair is bright and beautiful, add in some low curls to so off your new highlights.

7. Dark Based with Ash Blonde Streaks

One subtle way to add a lighter tone to your hair is to keep your dark base and put in a few streaks of color. This technique adds texture and definition to whatever way you decide to style it.

8. Face Firming Ash Blonde

Face firming is a style that will make your face appear slimmer, and who doesn’t want that. In the photo above they used face firming along with an ash blonde tone and she looks so beautiful.

9. Icy Highlights

Vanilla ice has nothing on this style. Try an icy hue in your hair for your next look and you will be ready for the summer.

10. Dark-toned Ash Blonde

This is a perfect example of dark-toned hair color. In the photo above they kept the hair at shoulder length and added full coverage highlights, and the results are flawless.

11. Ombre Ash Blonde Highlights

Ombre hair is always a good choice for your next salon day. Ombre is a style that is very popular in 2022, it is a French word that means that the color is a little shaded throughout.

12. Ash Blonde with Beige Touches

The color combos of beige and ash-blonde are perfect together. The proof is in the photo above, her hair looks natural and shiny.

13. Ash Blonde Lights on Shag Bob

If you are searching for your next new short hairstyle look, we have found it for you. Try out a shag bob haircut with ash blonde highlights, you are going to love the way you look.

14. Cool-toned Ash Blonde Highlights

Cool-toned hair color is perfect for summer. It keeps your hair light and bright, but not quite platinum. Try keeping your hair straight like in the photo above for a sleek finish.

15. Warm Ash Blonde Highlights

If you like a warmer tone in your hair, this look was made for you. The highlights take on a more natural color, this would be a great hair color for the fall or winter months.

16. Bright Ashy Blonde Highlights

Bright and beautiful are the perfect words to describe this look. They added in a bright blonde hue here and the results are so gorgeous. Try finishing it off with a neat spiral curl to get the look in the photo above.

17. Medium Highlights

For a more neutral take on this color try out the medium hue. This style would be great for women who have darker black or brown hair because it would appear to be more natural.

18. Long Wolf Cut

Wolf haircuts are right on trend for 2022, and after seeing this photo you can tell why. You can get this style by asking for different lengths of layers and adding in ash blonde highlights.

19. Ash Blonde Inverted Bob

After your next inverted bob haircut, you should add in some light-colored highlights. In the photo above they were able to add enough color to give her haircut some dimension, but she still looks so natural.

20. Sleek Straight Cut

Sleek, straight, and shiny are words every woman wants to hear when they get their hair done. This style would look great on women of any age.

21. Bouncy Layered Ash Blonde Highlights

Adding layers to your hair is a classic way to get more volume, or bounce to your look. In the photo above they parted her hair in the middle and added a few layers and she looks flawless.

22. Lob Ash Blonde

For your next haircut, why not try a lob style. In the photo above they kept the length at about shoulder length, for the perfect lob cut and added in ash blonde highlights and she looks beautiful.

23. Layered Ash Blonde Highlights on Ends

Another great way to add some color to your life is to add color to the ends of your hair. In the photo above they gave her long layers with a pop of color on the ends and she looks amazing.

24. Ash Caramel Blonde Highlights

Adding caramel highlights to your style is never a bad idea. In this look, they also gave her a lighter money piece, which is right on trend for women’s hairstyles in 2022.

25. Face Framing Ash Blonde

If you have a rounder face one way to slim it out is to try the technique of face-framing. To get this look to add more color to the front of your hair than in the back, you will love the way you look.

26. Swedish Ash Blonde Bob

Bobs are the perfect haircut for summer, they keep your hair short, but so stylish. Try adding highlights in some Swedish ash blonde color to be ready for those long summer nights.

27. Balayage Ombré Ash Blonde

Two of the best hairstyle techniques are the ombre and balayage, and when you add them together you are going to love the way you look. They kept the hair long in the photo above and finished her look off with beach curls.

28. Silver Ash Blonde Streaks

Silver hair color is one of the most popular requests at the salon in 2022. If this sounds like something you would like to try out the slive with ash blonde highlights, the results are so pretty.

29. Smokey Dark Ash Blonde Accent

Smokey and dark hair is right on trend for 2022. In this photo above they finished the look off with straight hair, but you could really wear this style any way you wanted and still look flawless.

30. Long Ashy Beach Blonde

If you are a woman with long locks you are going to love this hairstyle, it is a long ashy beach blonde look. In the photo above they kept most of the hair at one long length and finished it off with loose beach curls, and it is so gorgeous.

31. Ashy Blonde Highlights Root Shadow

Root shadows are the perfect way to add color to your hair without people knowing about it, for a more natural finish. Try this look for your next big event, you will be so happy.

32. Pixie with a Purple Touch

Pixie haircuts look wonderful on more mature women. This look would be perfect for those women who never want to grow up because they added a youthful purple hue to their bangs.

33. Dark Ashy Blonde Highlights in Beach Waves

It doesn’t matter if you live at the beach or not, beach waves look beautiful on all types of hair. In the photo above they added in a darker tone of the ash blonde and kept it at all one length so the curls look uniform.

34. Silver Ash Blonde with Blue Tints Ends

Silver and blue go together so beautifully, just look at this style above. They kept most of the hair a dark natural color and added fun, vibrant colors to the ends. Try finishing your ends off with a loose curl to show off the highlights.

35. Lengthy Layered Ash Blonde Highlights

If you love your long locks, then a lengthy layered hairstyle is perfect for you. The way they added the color to this style was done perfectly, the roots are natural dark color and the color gets brighter as the hair gets longer.

36. Highlighted Ash Blond on Curtain Bob

Curtain bangs are such a fun hairstyle, and this cut is no different. This bright blonde hair color and bob haircut would be a wonderful style for summer.

37. Icy Lob

A new color trend is the icy ash highlight for women. In the photo above she paired her new color with a lob-style haircut and she looks so gorgeous.

38. Color melt Ash Blonde

Color melts are right on trend in 2022, in the photo above they kept her hair long with no layers. Try finishing your look off with some messy curls and defrizz spray to look fresh all day long.

39. Ash Grey and Blonde

The grey and blonde color combo are so classy. It will enhance your style and leave you feeling like a goddess.

40. Blonde Ashy Dark tone Highlights

A dark ash tone is a wonderful way to add a little color to your hair but still remain dark. This look would be great for those long winter and autumn months.

41. Stunning Dark Tone Ash Blonde

Try out this stunning dark tone during your next hair appointment. This hair color would be perfect if you are searching for the right color to cover up those grays.

42. Long Layers Ash Blonde Lights

Mix up your old boring hair with some long layers and a new color. This style adds most of the new color to the bottom of your hair. This technique is great if you are on a budget because you won’t has to run back to the salon to color your new growth.

43. Blueish Ash Blonde Babylights

Move over granny, blue hair color is not just for you anymore. This beautiful blue and gray hue are so on-trend right now, and for obvious reasons, the results are amazing.

44. Ashy Blonde Mix Highlights

Ashy blonde highlights look so great on women of all ages. In the photo above they added loose waves into her hair to make the new color really pop.

45. Soft Curls Ashy Blonde Highlights

One way to wear your new hair color is in soft curls. In the photo above they kept the hair at about shoulder length with a few messy layers and the results are stunning.

46. Bright Ash Blonde Ombre

Bright blonde hair is perfect for summer, add in an ombre and you will be ready for whatever life throws at you. This look would be so beautiful worn down in waves like in the photo above or even thrown back in a pony.

47. Dimensional Ash Blonde Balayage

Dimensional hair with a balayage style highlight is one of the best ways to wear your hair in 2022. This look is right on trend and is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

48. Subtle Highlights

If you are more of a laid-back type of gal, this subtle ash blonde color is perfect for you. You will still look your best but it is a much more toned-down style.

49. Shaggy Ash Blonde Balayage

This shaggy haircut is sexy, or at least this next hairstyle is. They added color with a balayage and kept the layers long and messy for a laid-back and beautiful style.

50. Olivier Highlight

An Olivier highlight style is so versatile, that it would look fantastic on any woman. In the photo above they kept her hair long, added in some layers, and finished with a loose curl. She looks so flawless.


As you can see ash blonde hair is so beautiful that is no wonder it is one of the hottest hair colors of the year. If you keep your hair short or grow it out long this is the perfect new hue for you to try out. Out of the 50 best ash blonde highlights ideas for 2022, which one was your favorite? Let us know down below!


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